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Our name

The STRONGHOUSE name originally came from something Angie saw as she was driving through the town we were living in at the time - a two-story brick building with the name “Strong House” at the entrance.  In that moment, those two words struck a chord with her and we both liked it as a potential name for our counseling practice. The name simply represents the strengthening of marriages, relationships, and individuals, as well as the growth toward best relationships and highest self - toward a relational and personal STRONGHOUSE.

We all have relationship and personal internal houses. Some are built to last, thrive, and weather the storms and challenges of this life. Others are built in a way that has made that vision very difficult to achieve – too often leading to relationship failure, anxiety, depression, and a sense of disappointment or regret. We are here to help you strive toward a life well-lived, a life with limited regrets, and life where you and others can say, “well done.” We strive to help build your relational and internal STRONGHOUSE, as we have built and continue to build our own.

Life is challenging.

Why us?

We are different because we don’t see relational or mental health difficulties as singular issues to be addressed solely in subspecialties– but to be addressed in a comprehensive manner that takes into consideration the whole breadth of human experience and need– ultimately one’s worldview, values, and approach to life. Often - as our marriages and relationships go, so goes the family, as the family goes, so goes the individual, as the individual goes, so goes the society. With that understanding we aim to help couples build a strong relationship house, relatedly parents raise their children more effectively, and individuals find a pathway toward a hope filled and meaningful life – focusing on couples counseling leads not only to marital, relational, and individual good, yet also the common good.

Angie and I have built our individual, marital, parenting, and therapeutic STRONGHOUSE through many years of focused personal journeying, training, and professional experience.  We have been influenced by and or have had specific training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, and Logotherapy, among others.  Matt has completed all necessary Gottman Couples Therapy trainings to allow himself participation in the Gottman method certification program.  Angie is a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP). We are both fully licensed therapists.

While our training, experience, and the evidence-based interventions we use are very relevant to serving you – it is the therapeutic relationship that we build that will prove most helpful.  As therapists - we practice what we teach and have done our own personal work to be most helpful to you.

Our stories - are stories of overcoming obstacles and obtaining relationship and personal successes.  These stories are shared with you as clinically appropriate and beneficial to your growth. While we cannot claim full credit for the Graces afforded to us, or the intricacies of our strengthening process, we have come to know some of the cornerstones that lead to healing and a life well lived. In humility – we look forward to sharing what we’ve learned along this life’s journey and the ‘road less traveled.” We look forward to helping you build your STRONGHOUSE.

Navigate your life with focus.

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