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Matt and Angie McClenahan

Welcome to Stronghouse Counseling!

We are Matt and Angie McClenahan and are so glad that you found us! We are located in Richfield, Ohio and created Stronghouse to help so many others like you build strong and vibrant relationships and live their absolute best lives.

Life is difficult – let’s get that truth out there so we don’t have unrealistic expectations about this human experience we are all having. Life’s difficulties and pain points are often connected to relationships. Past or present, in the context of marriage and relationships, family, work, or culture – it’s our relationships that wound us, and it is primarily through relationships that we can heal.

So, let's get started! We are honored to support you throughout the process. We will seek to provide you with what is needed to achieve the goals that you bring and to have the courage to build - or rebuild - your own internal Stronghouse.

Peace and strength to you,

Matt & Angie McClenahan

We've helped so many others,
just like you!

I don’t know how I would get through medical school without you... I really appreciate you.


Thank you... You have been such an immense support to me, and I am so thankful for that.


I have been a client ... for over two years and have made amazing progress reaching my goals which I could never have accomplished without him. He is easy to talk to and made me comfortable trusting him and sharing my life story.


While today I am still fighting some of the same battles that I know [will] never fully go away, I stand here with more passion and more purpose...You gave me the courage and perspective.


I’ve overall become much happier (in a fulfilled away). I rarely wakeup with anger, anxiety, or depression and I feel I can think much more clearly. Thank you for being there.

Stronghouse Counseling - life is difficult

We hear you - life is full of difficulties!





Feeling directionless

Loss of meaning


Negative self image


Broken relationships



Counseling services to help strengthen and empower you!

Couples counseling

> Pre-marital and marriage counseling.
> Learn how to prevent repetitive arguments.
> Move from brokenness to commitment.
> Create shared meaning in life.
> Build friendship, trust, intimacy, and love.

Stronghouse Counseling couples

Counseling for anxiety

> For men and women, ages 18+
> Learn the calming response.
> Break free from fear.
> Build confidence and enjoy life.

Stronghouse Counseling - counseling for anxiety

Counseling for depression

> For men and women, ages 18+
> Learn the right coping skills.
> Decrease symptoms and elevate your mood.
> Learn long lasting change.

Stronghouse Counseling - counseling for depression
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